Asset Finance

Empowering your investments, one asset at a time

Discover the smart way to acquire essential business assets without upfront costs. Asset finance offers flexibility, modernisation of assets, and preservation of capital.

What is Asset Finance

Asset finance is when you get money from a lender to buy important things like equipment or vehicles. The item you buy acts as security for the loan. You pay back the money in instalments over time. It's useful for businesses to manage costs and get what they need without big upfront payments.

How does Asset Finance work

In asset finance, a finance company gets involved by putting a claim on a specific item you own, and they provide the money you need for that item – whether it's something you're buying new or an item you already own within your business. The amount of money they provide depends on what that item is and how much value it still holds.

The benefits of Asset Finance

  • Makes managing money easier since you can spread out payments instead of paying everything at once.
  • Helps businesses expand faster than they could on their own.
  • Financial deals can be customised to fit the business, giving flexibility on how long you have to pay and when.
  • Purchasing equipment on asset finance typically works out much cheaper than renting/leasing.

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